Whelping ID Bands

Ultra-Soft...Expandable Whelping ID Bands For Any Size Litter!

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I used to be a small time Golden Retriever Breeder. I tried for several years to find a good id band for my babies.
I really wanted something that came in enough colors to support my
sometimes larger litters (I like my babies to all to have their own
little identity right from the start). I also wanted something that
would be soft and comfortable...not stiff...or made out of paper.
After many attempts, I finally came up with my Whelping Id Bands,
and they've worked so well for me, I've decided to share them!
With small breeds and new litters, I usually recommend cutting the bands in half (making them 1/4" wide) They are more proportionate to the tiny babies, and it gives you more fleece to use.  I don't sell the 1/4" because I cut everything by hand, and I have a hard time getting them really straight at that width.
Please keep in mind these are not overly fancy, they are 1/2" strips of fleece that come in 1Yard Strips of Various Colors. They are made to be tied on like you would ribbon or ric-rac.  They are MUCH SOFTER and have some "give".  Don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions.





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